Children's Books

Anne De Silva's Starters Series is a delightful collection of moral education stories written specifically for children.

The Series consists of six individual high gloss full-colour paperback books containing 19 original stories presented in a clear, simple and straightforward manner, making it easy for most all school age children to read and understand them.  Adults love them too!

All books are illustrated and a Question and Answer section related to each story is at the end of each book.

NOTE:  Anne's books are out of stock at this time.  We will update this page when they are available again.
An Indoor Adventure
"An Indoor Adventure,"  "The Selfish Lion,"  "Fluffy The Vain Rabbit"
... One of Tommy's creations was a life size toy robot.  Sarah fell in love with it the minute she saw it.  It could walk and talk, and even answer questions.  Sarah loved ...
The Three Elves
"The Three Elves,"  "The Messy Boy,"  "The Girl Who Told Lies"
... Santa sat back in his chair and stared at the three dolls for a few more moments.  He then looked at the three elves and said, "All of you are extremely talented at your ...
An Unlucky Day
 "An Unlucky Day,"  "Annie,"  "The Magician"
... When the bus finally stopped in front of Johnny's house, he thought to himself before getting off, "This has been the worst day of my life.  Thank goodness ...
Big Little Steven
"Big Little Steven,"  "The Boy Who Hated School,"  "The King Who Could Not Smile,"  "The Greedy Merchant"
... Steven did not like the idea of sleeping in his new room alone.  At night when it was dark, his imagination would run wild.  When it was time for bed and the lights in his ...
The Hidden Talent
 "The Hidden Talent,"  "Frisky The Wild Racoon,"  "Tommy's Best Friend"
... The first ball was pitched.  Timmy raised his bat, dug his toes into the dirt, and hit the ball over the fence.  It was a home run!  Silence fell over the field.  No one could ...
The Practical Joke
"The Practical Joke,"  "Being Responsible,"  "Julie and Her Books"
... Judy would play practical jokes on anyone who had the misfortune of being around her.  Her friends would try to stop her by ignoring her.  Some tried to ...